The following is an outline of the basic mission of Sovereign Grace Community Church:

WORSHIP.  Corporate worship is designed to proclaim the supreme worth of our great triune God, recognizing that the chief end of man is to glorify God forever.

PROCLAMATION.  The regular and systematic preaching of the Scriptures.
TEACHING/DISCIPLESHIP.  The regular and systematic teaching of the Scriptures. The  facilitation of biblically recognized ministries, and the training of church members to fulfill, as determined by the Pastor and elders, designated roles in the life of the church according to its Mission, all for the advancement of the gospel.

CARE.  Pastoral care in the format of exhortation and encouragement from the Scriptures.

FELLOWSHIP.  The gathering of the church to strengthen, exhort, and build up the church members in the most holy faith, in context of godly and Scriptural fellowship.

EVANGELISM AND MISSIONS.  The regular proclamation of the gospel to the local community and the world, and the charitable provision of goods to those in need.